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This is me in Sicily.  We moved here in August of 2000, when I transferred to the Akrion Catania Field Office.  We enjoyed our stay here.  My wife has 90 cousins nearby, so she was able to get to know them that year, which is the reason we chose Sicily. I'm still wondering why we only stayed one year.



My name is Randy.  I am currently working at Schilling Robotics, as a Software Engineering Manager. I started a website in 2002, www.gamatronix.com, to sell a motor controller I developed as part of my robotics hobby. I used to work at Ipsil, a networking microchip company as a design engineer, doing embedded software and hardware prototypes.  I worked at NEC Electronics, in Roseville,  California  for 11 years, after graduating from UC Davis with a Mechanical Engineering degree, and a minor in Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems.  I have always enjoyed mixing Electronics, Mechanical Engineering and Software.

One of my hobbies is Robotics, which began as a way to learn about microcontrollers.  I was involved in a project using the Motorola ColdFire 5282, and also one using the Atmel ARM9, the AT91RM9200. I have used the Basic Stamp by Parallax, PowerPC, 6502, the TI MSP430, and various Atmel processors and PIC microcontrollers by Microchip. I have taught a class on PIC microcontrollers, although now by far the Atmel AVRs are the most flexible and easy to use chips around.  For past development work I have used MPASM assembly with PICs, but for hobby robotics I recommend C language and AVR micros. For PICs, I have also used ME Labs' PIC Basic Pro.  I have done a lot of work in low-level C code, as well as C++, and I have also used Visual Basic quite a bit to quickly produce graphical user interfaces, although now my preferred tool is C#/.NET.

At Schneider I did a lot of work developing UML models (we used Rational Rose) to develop use cases, state diagrams, and flow charts. We also tried some of the auto-code generation features, to automatically convert these diagrams into working C++ code, with mixed success.

I do some consulting work, usually Atmel-based digital circuit design and firmware programming. Check out my consulting page for more about my skills and experience, or take a look at my resume.

You can contact me via e-mail, at:



Randy Gamage

2071 Promontory Point Lane

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