i, randy

This is Espresso, a Gamoto-powered Firefighting robot, with a Cricket for a brain. I made this for the 2004 contest, but never got to enter it due to a last minute spill onto the basement floor. It's now fixed and working well, ready for next year. I have posted detailed pictures of its construction, as well as a video of it going through the maze. It uses dead-reckoning combined with localization by IR sensor at key points for correction.

This guy is Vito, a legged robot.  He is a two-legged walker (well, he's two-legged anyway), and can stand up from a crouching position, take a bow, and actively balance himself.  He can adapt to angled or uneven surfaces, and to mild pushes in any direction.  Click on the picture for more detail. IMG01134202746A.jpg (47715 bytes)



LEX, the big-wheeled lexan robot, using the LM629 PID controller chip.  This is my largest, fastest robot.  I wanted something that would really be able to move quickly, yet precisely.  Click on the picture for more about LEX.



This a CD Sumo robot.  I made this after reading about the design of the FirstBOT on the web.  It was inspiring because it was so simple.  I made it in a couple hours, start to finish, using old music CDs. It uses a PIC 16F84 controller, on a PCB by Micro Engineering Labs.



This is LEO, short for Leonardo da Vinci.  This was my very first robot.  It has a Basic Stamp 2 for a brain, and seeks light.  It uses stepper motors for drive wheels, and a chopper style stepper motor control board.



US FIRST Robotics is a nationwide robotics competition for high school students.  This is a picture of our 1999 team's robot, and more information on the program  image38[1].jpg (22032 bytes)



This is "Trembling Cricket," a Gamoto and Cricket powered Firefighting robot, submitted in the 2004 contest by a UMass Lowell student. It won third place! It was originally built by me and Fred Martin, and entered as Gamadome in 2002, but it had a less than stellar performance the first time.



This is a Gamoto-powered student project, from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. The class required the students to make some kind of demonstration, using the Gamoto controller and a cricket.